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Steffani Luan Duckworth is available to speak at your next pregnancy center fundraising banquet. As the clinic manager and a founding member of her local pregnancy center, she understands what it takes to reach your patient and your supporter!

"My life is a result of an unplanned pregnancy. Someone close to my family suggested to my grandmother that she should take my mother to have an abortion, but her response was 'NO!' Not everyone has that voice in their life. When you support your local pregnancy center, you can be that life-saving voice. But we can't just say no to abortion. It takes the compassion of Jesus to meet the momma right where she is and walk with her through her pregnancy decision and do it all in love!"

Steffani's message is full of hope and encouragement to unlock God's compassion in our hearts to serve families facing unplanned pregnancies. If you are interested in scheduling a call about booking her as a guest speaker for your next fundraising event, fill out the form below or email

She is also available to speak at your next ladies' event for your church. Her message will encourage women to find their God-given purpose and serve the local community.

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