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Hey beautiful! I’m Steffani Luan and I'm so grateful you chose your time to explore With Love from Lulu. 


I'm a southern gal in need of Jesus every day of this crazy yet beautiful life we have been given! God has chosen to use me despite the hot mess I can be sometimes, let's be honest, most of the time. It never ceases to amaze me that such an awesome and holy God sees all of me, still loves me, and uses me for His good works.

And you know what? He sees you, loves you, and wants to use you too!

I am a momma of two beautiful, wild, and full of life children.  I get to live a God-given dream working within the doors of Hope Clinic. A non-profit pregnancy medical clinic serving girls facing unplanned pregnancies.

I love the word of God! I want you to love the word of God! Most importantly, I want you

to love the God of the word! It is my belief that every person is capable, if willing, of learning the bible and knowing the bible. And to use it to change the world around us through His love!

Take my hand, beautiful, and a deep breath of grace. Together we can create space for God's word to be the rhythm we choose to dance to in our everyday lives!

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